New Worlds


Just so I have at least one more post this year…I thought I would throw this up.

New job, in a new city, with a new house, new schools, new people.  At least the earth is remaining the same…except for that whole global warming thing. 

Where to Next

I don’t know.  The reasons for wanting to blog haven’t changed.  I will hopefully journal about technology, architecture, sustainability, business, wine, chocolate, LEED, Revit, fashion, design, and food.

But we will see.

One thing I have done recently was talk about technology implementation.  Check it out here:  http://aiacc.org/now-next-future-conference-presentations/

I had the honor of sharing the stage with some very esteemed speakers.  It was a humbling and invigorating experience.

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  1. Nice pic! Change is good and from the looks of it you're doing great. Interested to see what you post next.