2011 AIA Convention - TAP Revolution


TAP Revolution: Better Design and Higher Value Driven by Process Innovation and Technology (EV115)





Session Blurb

Come to the AIA 2011 Convention early to connect with award winning BIM users for free. Hear from building owners about how BIM is revolutionizing the industry and better serving their needs. Learn how to achieve better design and higher value throughout the life-cycle of buildings. Owners such as GSA, US Coast Guard, Real Estate developers, Community Colleges, City and State Agencies, and others will present a rapid fire vision of what is happening and what owners need from the AEC industry.

Right after the owner's rapid fire presentations, the TAP Revolution will feature a special guest from Japan—Mr. Ryota Ieiri—to share first-hand accounts and outlook from the 3/11/11 disaster. Mr. Ieiri is a veteran writer, blogger and analyst who specialize in technology for architectural practice in Japan. He writes for the Nikkei Publications and on 5/11, he will join the TAP Advisory Group in discussing the near term needs, the longer term recover, and the future of information modeling and simulation technologies in support of emergency management. He will include a presentation of how architects, engineers and builders from Japan, US and the rest of the world are collaborating to plan for shelters in northern Japan.



This presentation was a rapid fire series of short talks by various owners’ representatives. There were about fifteen in all. The presentations were too fast to be able to take any notes on the individual presenters. Really, the presentations served to give audience members, primarily architects, a sense of what all the various owners are looking for in terms of BIM and related technologies. The general sense I got was that all these owners were looking for more innovative delivery methods than what traditional services provide. 

Following these presentations, two gentlemen from Japan spoke to the group about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Ryota Ieiri is a journalist and blogger who writes about architecture and BIM. Yoshihiko Sano is the president and principal at Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Ieiri talked about the BIMStorm that Onuma Planning System sponsored that helped produce some real plans for housing the displaced victims and the future of information modeling and simulation technologies in support of emergency management.  You can find more information here.

Sano spoke about the need for international firms to come in and participate in the redevelopment of the areas hit. Bringing in new ideas, technologies and processes.

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