2011 AIA Convention - The Federal Presence


The Federal Presence 2010 GSA Design Awards (TH205)



Les Shepherd, AIA, U.S. General Services Administration
Casey L. Jones
Warren R. Schwartz, FAIA
Robert E. Siegel, AIA
Julie V. Snow, FAIA


Session Blurb

This session will provide an overview of contemporary federal architecture and will address issues and questions concerning how to get federal work and where the GSA's standards are relative to performance on design, engineering, construction, and the arts.



This was a review of the award recipient’s projects. Each project was briefly discussed by a panel. Some of the comments by the panelists were that the GSA needs to focus more on small firms. Another notable comment was that the GSA is a good client because they are institutional (large, everywhere) and they have a design focus.

The speakers from the GSA outlined two ways to get GSA work. One is to go after the big projects in a traditional competitive way. The other is to go after an IDIQ contract. IDIQ are not always just for little projects. GSA uses this method for getting larger projects started faster. As for performance, the GSA care about first the program, second the security aspects and then the rest is left to the designer

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