Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this…



It always hurts when Revit crashes on you.  It’s a little like a good friend letting you down.  They didn’t really betray you, but they took the last cold beer and didn’t put more in the fridge and so you are just a bit disappointed and a little hurt. 

This is what I am feeling today.  Both Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis tool and the brand new Vasari (and on Facebook) technology preview, seem to have the same unfortunate flaw.  Now maybe it is just my computer.  Maybe someone can tell me.  Try this and tell me if you get the same results.

Make your conceptual mass, assign floors, geographic location, check the Create Energy Model check box and click OK.  Next, in a 3D view, switch to Show Mass Zones and Shades.  Now, pick one of the zones and in the Properties Palette, click on the nugget for Graphical Appearance.


In the Materials dialog box, choose By Category.  Now choose that same zone, click the nugget again and change it back to By Surface Type.  If your Revit is acting like mine you will get this.


I have tried this with various templates in both Revit Architecture and Revit MEP with the same results.  I was playing around with Vasari and on a hunch, tried the same thing there…with the same results.  The wonderful thing about a reliably repeatable error is that it should be easier to fix or at least diagnose.  To that end I have submitted a Subscription Support request and provided journal files for review by the support gurus.

I am hoping they will buy me a six-pack…or at least restock the fridge…that’s what a true friend would do.  ;0)

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  1. Yep, same exact crash for me. In Revit (not Vasari) from default template. :-(