2010 AIA Convention - Energy Analysis Using EnergyPlus

Energy Analysis Using EnergyPlus: The Next Phase of High Performance Building Design

Nicholas Long, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dru Crawley, U.S. Department of Energy

This talk started with a review of the current sustainable initiatives in the US like the DOE's Net-Zero Energy program.

Why Use Energy Simulation? Inform energy decisions from earliest phases of design through construction and into operation. Help the design team and owner focus energy-use reduction efforts where they will be most effective. Permit assessment of predicted performance with established benchmarks or project goals. Size renewable energy systems and determine their likely % contribution. Evaluate alternatives through programming, design, construction, operation—retrofit, too. AND simulation is cheaper than constructing the wrong building!

What Can Energy Simulation Do for My Buildings? Typically used for studies of individual buildings:

  • building overheating
  • heating, cooling equipment design
  • predict the dynamic response and performance of buildings
  • compare different design or retrofit options—load calculations, energy performance, peak demand, and cost-benefit implications
  • simulate complex and ‘green’ technologies
    • naturally ventilated, passive, and mixed-mode buildings
    • daylighting
    • overheating in unconditioned spaces
    • advanced controls operation
  • regulatory compliance
  • integrated views of performance
  • points for green building ratings

Next was a review and demonstration of the EnergyPlus plug-in for SketchUp call OpenStudio.

What is EnergyPlus?

  • Fully integrated building & HVAC simulation program
  • Based on best features of BLAST and DOE-2.1E plus new capabilities
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac
  • Simulation engine and basic utilities only
  • Interfaces available separately
  • Info at www.energyplus.gov

What is Google SketchUp?

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use 3-D drawing software
  • Available from Google as free or pro versions
  • Popular among architects
  • Powerful API using Ruby programming language for plug-ins

What is OpenStudio?

  • Adds EnergyPlus functionality to SketchUp
  • Create and edit building geometry with standard SketchUp drawing tools
  • Work with daylighting related input objects Daylighting: Controls and Output: Illuminance Map
  • Add people, lights, electric and gas equipment, infiltration rates, and ideal loads air systems
  • Save as EnergyPlus input file (idf)
  • Opens any EnergyPlus idf file
  • Run EnergyPlus simulation and display results

The handout has tutorials included in it that are easy to follow. Also see tutorials on the AIA website for Learning Units here: http://www.aia.org/practicing/AIAB079836.

Link to PDF handout

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