2010 AIA Convention – Building Design for the New Decade

Building Design for the New Decade: The Role of Right-Brain Thinking in a Modern Economy
Speaker: Daniel Pink
It is hard to capture essence of an inspirational speaker in notes. I left feeling encouraged of our position and value in the market place. Also with thoughts of how we can add the kind of right brained design services that will speak to everyone.
The talk was about the Left Brain versus Right Brain an economic metaphor in our current times. The left is logic and linear while the right is creative and can multitask. Let brain stuff is getting outsourced or automated. Routine is being sent off shore.
Architects need to give high concept and high touch to our design work. This is the right brained stuff. We should always tell a story. What is the narrative of our design work?
He also pointed out that as right-brain users, we should be able to teach people to see design. We need to work on our ability to empathize with our clients and speak in terms and words they understand. Want to know if you are empathetic?
Try this experiment: with your dominant hand trace a capital E on your forehead.
Did you draw the E so you could read it or so someone looking at you could read it?
This economy favors right brained people. In this economy the Architectural profession can and should focus on providing clients with the right brain stuff.
Link to PDF handout

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