2010 AIA Convention – Award-Winning BIM

Award-Winning BIM: Lessons Learned--Case Studies from Six Years of Technology in Architectural Practice BIM Awards
Stephen Hagan, FAIA
Calvin Kam, Ph.D, AIA
Tony Rinella, Assoc. AIA

This session was a review of the history of the BIM Awards. The speakers outlined some of the noted trends in BIM. They pointed out the move away from a few BIM flag wavers towards many users. BIM adoption going from 1 heroic advocate to large groups of advocates working in concert.
About the awards themselves, the key point made was that the awards emphasize achieving design results that could not be possible without BIM.
Review of awards categories and criteria (these are changed for 2010 and beyond)
Category A: BIM Excellence Awards: for projects advancing theory and practice of BIM use, demonstrating new capabilities and achievements incorporating outstanding design and construction integration, exceptional quality of both process and technological performance/innovation, and leverage to operate the building to the fullest extent of its design potential. (up to 3 awards available)
Category B - Design/Delivery Process Innovation: outstanding example of use of BIM in Integrated Project Delivery, integrating design and construction to gain design and client benefits (single award available)
Category C - Outstanding Sustainable Design: exceptional example of integrated use of sustainable, energy, life-cycle, and ecological technologies and processes in the design execution of a building project. (single award available)
Category D - Academic Program or Curriculum Development: Outstanding new curriculum development incorporating BIM and IPD concepts. (single award available)
AIA TAP BIM Awards Program
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